Arandell was the first

Briede Family Vineyard grape of choice

The thought behind Arandell was to cross a high quality wine grape with a disease resistant vine. Since we are an organic vineyard this plays an important role in grape variety selections since we cannot and do not want to spray any chemicals to combat disease.

Wines produced from the Arandell grape are densely colored, have light to moderate tannins, and exhibit notes of dark berry fruit (blueberry, black cherry), tobacco and hints of black pepper or cedar on the finish. In cooler years, tasters note slight vegetable character, tending towards green pepper or currant leaf rather than hybrid-like. (Cornell University publication)

Organic Wine Grapes
White Wine Grapes
Cayuga, our white grape, is a mid-season ripening grape that is a cross between Schuyler and Seyval Blanc. It has good acid balance and we use it to make a sparkling white wine. It produces lots of clusters and the yields are huge.

It is the most popular grape variety ever developed by the Geneva Wine Grape Breeding Program at Cornell University. Schuyler itself is a hybrid of Zinfandel. This grape, depending on when it’s harvested, can produce sparkling wines, semi-dry or dry that have a clean floral and fruity flavor of apples, peaches, soft pineapples, spiced pears, grapefruit, and lemons. Made semi-sweet, it has notes of a fruit bowl of oranges, ripe pineapples, grapefruit and honey.

We love this grape and so far, it’s proving easy to grow.

We love what we do and we want to pass that on to you.